Gratitude Challenge

Have you ever wondered if the people who've made the biggest impacts on your life even know it? I have been thinking a lot lately about the numerous gift-givers that encircle my world and just how blessed I am to receive gentle words in times of despair, care packages in times of stress, electric energy when my own is low, sprinkles of wisdom for a broader perspective, shared laughter, hugs and so much more. During the month of November I sent 26 Gratitude Malas around the country to those who have touched my life in various, but meaningful ways. Each recipient received two malas, one for themselves and one to pass onto someone else who's touched their own hearts. Life is too short not to tell those who've helped you shine a little brighter that you see and appreciate their own light. Here's to all the vibrant spirits in my life. Namaste.

Interested in sending a Gratitude mala of your own? Choose jade or rose quartz, which balance the heart chakra and contact me to create something special for those who inspire you the most.