Gratitude Challenge

Have you ever wondered if the people who've made the biggest impacts on your life even know it? I have been thinking a lot lately about the numerous gift-givers that encircle my world and just how blessed I am to receive gentle words in times of despair, care packages in times of stress, electric energy when my own is low, sprinkles of wisdom for a broader perspective, shared laughter, hugs and so much more. During the month of November I sent 26 Gratitude Malas around the country to those who have touched my life in various, but meaningful ways. Each recipient received two malas, one for themselves and one to pass onto someone else who's touched their own hearts. Life is too short not to tell those who've helped you shine a little brighter that you see and appreciate their own light. Here's to all the vibrant spirits in my life. Namaste.

Interested in sending a Gratitude mala of your own? Choose jade or rose quartz, which balance the heart chakra and contact me to create something special for those who inspire you the most.

Live Laganini

The last two weeks felt like they were taken out of a storybook. My husband and I just returned from the Adriatic splendor of Croatia and I am feeling refreshed and inspired by the people we encountered and their culture. A celebrated lifestyle shared throughout the country is to live "laganini" - or to live slowly. Here at home, it's so easy to get caught up in the rush, rush, rush of daily schedules, work, appointments, family obligations, social events, etc. We don't often take the time to truly savor whatever it is we're doing. In fact, while we're doing something, it's common to be thinking about the next thing we should be doing - so we're never fully present. 

I am going to work to implement the "laganini" life into my daily routine - even if it's simply to savor a cup of mint tea, fully listen to a friend who needs an ear or consciously breathe for five minutes. Being present and still doesn't put us behind schedule or take up too much time, it's what's needed for us to live our best selves - to tap into our own personal power and really listen to what our bodies, minds and souls are telling us. 

The art of knotting mala beads lives at the very heart of this Croatian word. To live laganini requires presence, patience and the ability to relish in doing something slowy. If you'd like to learn how to knot a mala of your own, send me a note, plan a mala party or check out my upcoming workshops


 Livin' the Laganini Life in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Livin' the Laganini Life in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Mala Workshop

Today sixteen open-hearted women gathered at The Freyja Project for an afternoon of mala making and giggles. We used matte black onyx, which is a wonderful stone for strength, confidence and grounding energy. Each woman chose their favorite chakra color for their knot string and tassel and the result was a rainbow of energy-infused wearable art! 


Hidden Wisdom within Mala Making

Anytime I teach someone how to knot their own mala beads, more than anything, I ask that people be patient with themselves. It's pretty common to hear people say 'I bet this is really easy' or 'It can't be that hard it's just knots.' Then once diving into the task they realize that their fingers may knot produce the "perfect" knot that they had anticipated. 

And then they criticize themselves immediately. 'I suck!' they exclaim. Or 'I'll never be able to do this!' They close up in frustration and the meditative art turns into a never-ending task of fumbled fingers and self-loathing. 

This is when I chime in, 'But it's your first knot.' 

In life, we go through so many firsts. First steps,  first hobby, first crack at algebra, first job, etc. and it's extremely rare that through any of these new experiences we whiz our way right through it. We stumble. We fall. We fail. We try again. And again. And again. And...

Until we get a little closer to our goal. 

Knotting mala beads tends to hold up a pretty accurate mirror as to how we talk to ourselves when faced with a new challenge. Do we berate ourselves? Laugh through it? Ask for help? Give up? Or simply breathe through it and tell ourselves the next time will be better? 

The beauty of watching someone knot their first mala is there is physical evidence of the process and progress. First the struggle and beads that are spaced wide apart, and then a little less so until there is a beautiful row of beads nestled right next to to each other. 

I invite my students to be proud of their mistakes. To love the 'imperfections' in their malas because our lives are covered it them and  they add to the tapestry of what makes each of us who we are. And that is beautiful. 

Join me at The Freyja Project on August, 30th to give your first mala a try. 




With Gratitude: Nepal Earthquake Relief

No one has ever become poor from giving.
— Maya Angelou

Sending a great big hug to everyone who helped contribute to the Nepal Earthquake Relief by purchasing a mala in May. Together we donated $550.00 to help families recover from the devastating effects of the quake. 

Interested in other ways you can help make a difference? My husband collaborated with Adventure Explorer, Patrick Sweeney, to produce a video in order to spread the word about the families who’ve been displaced along the villages that once surrounded Mount Everest. The goal is to raise enough money to purchase 1,000 tents in 100 days to provide families shelter from the upcoming monsoon season as they slowly rebuild their communities that were destroyed from the earthquake’s destruction. Visit for details.

Yogi Cameron Meditation Month Giveaway


I am so excited to announce that OMmala Designs has been asked by Ayurvedic guru, Yogi Cameron, to be a part of his Meditation Month Giveaway!

Five lucky winners, selected at random, will receive a FREE digital copy of Yogi Cameron's Mediation CD along with a set of LIMITED EDITION mala beads by OMmala Designs. These beads, knotted exclusively for the giveaway, are made from matte onyx, which promotes strength and grounding. A touch of snowflake obsidian is added at the heart space to help the wearer surrender to meditation.

There's no purchase necessary to enter the giveaway. And you can't win if you don't play so enter here!