A mala is a string of 108 beads with a 109th bead at the head of the loop called a guru bead. Malas can be made out of a number of natural materials including seeds, wood, shells and crystals. 

Hindu and Buddhist followers have used malas for thousands of years to count prayers and enhance meditation. Now, mala beads have become popular in the West and their meaning has expanded beyond the religious origin.

Each wearer develops a unique relationship with their mala. Some wear them as a daily reminder or affirmation, while others use them during meditation. The positive energy generated from the beads' vibrations helps to amplify the intention of the wearer.


Sarah Widmann began visualizing her heart’s desires during childhood by creating vision boards to illustrate the ideals she wanted most. Every vision board she made materialized almost exactly as collaged on paper.

Since discovering yoga and meditation in 2011, Sarah was drawn to the vibrational energy of mala beads and began studying the chakras and the effects of different healing properties of crystals and OMmala Designs was born.

Today, Sarah’s mala beads are designed as “wearable vision boards” which serve as constant reminders that we all have the ability to manifest our dreams based on the wisdom and power that comes from within.


OMmala Designs began with an intention: to create beautiful works of wearable art that remind each person of one's own personal power and strength.

We are often searching for something "more" in life — more time, more money, more love, more freedom, more choice. It is an endless and unfulfilling quest when our focus is external: there is always "more" to have or "more" to be. What if, instead of looking outside for all the answers, you looked within?

OMmala Designs believes that we all have the ability to tap into our own power to live a vibrant, fulfilled life, but sometimes we need a reminder or a token to represent that power. 

We collaborate with you to create custom malas that meet your unique needs and heart's desires. Whether purchasing a custom mala for yourself or a loved one, OMmala Designs will design a one-of-a-kind piece infused with positive affirmations tied to the vibrations of the crystals.

The crystals we work with have been used in rituals and healing since ancient times, and it is believed that each type of crystal carries its own energy. Some vibrate strength and courage while others emit abundance and unconditional love. All will infuse your life with positive intention — from the inside out.